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A few months ago I was extremely fortunate to be approached by Hypnos to work together promoting their amazing beds/mattresses but also why as a company, sustainability and the environment are so important to them. The timing could not have been more perfect - we had been the proud owners of our own bed for nearly 20 years and in this time had expanded our family by another 3 members - all of which love a good snuggle with us most days. Being over 6ft ourselves, we also found that as time had gone on - we were more keen on our quality of sleep rather than the close cuddles of those early romantic days......quite frankly, I like my sleep!

I have always loved Hypnos beds, last year we went away to The Bolthole - a gorgeous boutique cottage in The Cotswolds owned by The Old Stocks Inn (www.theoldstocksinn.com). The bed was so comfortable that after our stay I approached the owners asking where is was from - and it made complete sense once I knew it was from Hypnos. So when asked to collaborate, I felt completely comfortable and overjoyed at the opportunity, knowing that I was already a big fan - but also having tried/tested one and truly believing in the outstanding quality and comfort of them.


So my journey began. I visited the showroom in Castle Donnington, not far from where I live which was perfect. There I met such wonderful, welcoming members of staff who explained the whole process in detail to me and went through all the various options - there were a lot! There really is a bed for everyone - modern, contemporary, high, low, storage, different fabrics....and that's before you have the mattress choice! Luckily, being ever the interior designer - I already had a really good idea of the look/colour that I would ideally love to fit in with my home. Once I saw everything, this choice was confirmed in my mind. I opted for their Eleanor Euroslim Headboard, in Linosa sky blue. I also then chose their superstorage option - divan base in the same colour. We then looked at mattresses - I chose their Orthos Elite Wool Mattress in the firm option - This is a supportive mattress with a 7 turn pocket spring system, so each spring independently senses your shape and weight distribution to provide total spine and body support (perfect for us tall folk prone to back aches) it is also made with layers of wool and cotton to help regulate body temperature. Best of all, it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

My bed was delivered within a few weeks - event though it had been made to order, such speedy service. I was also contacted throughout and the delivery itself couldn't have been easier to arrange. The whole process was completely stress free and I would recommend them to all.


Having now slept on it for over a month - I have been absolutely thrilled with the comfort, space (going to a super king is indeed life changing, and I think added a good few years of happy marriage into the mix!) and the whole journey with them. It looks so beautiful in our home too - I feel very lucky to have worked with such a professional company.

Having been through this process with them, I now really understand so much more about why Hypnos are proud owners of the Royal warrant and have an unrivalled quality. Each bed is individually handmade and completely customised. They are also happy to provide a 10 year guarantee, confident that they truly make the most comfortable beds in the world. The most important part for me though, is their commitment to sustainability and the environment. They really do put sustainability at the centre of all they do. They use renewable natural resources, and carbon offsetting programmes but they also support worthy charities, local schools and develop future talent - practically showing that their corporate social responsibility is completely embedded within their business. They are indeed the first carbon neutral bedmaker in the world - via a variety of climate projects including planting trees in the UK and the Amazon and providing clean water in Uganda. All their beds and mattresses are completely recyclable ensuring landfills won't be effected in the future by them. All the natural fibres used to make their beds/mattresses including wool, horse hair, cotton and latex are 100% biodegradable - they do not use chemical based foams or memory foams. All the timber used in their beds is also from managed forests and sustainable sources that comply with the forest stewardship council.

The environmental and responsible ethos of Hypnos is clear for all to see - and I feel truly proud that they chose to work with me.


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