Nicky has previously worked as a manager in a large organisation and has received training to mentor and assist with personal, and professional development of individuals.

Joy Interiors was created nine years ago and during this time Nicky has learnt a vast amount about building a small successful business - which is ever growing. As such, she is now being asked to present at creative business days to assist, help and inspire others who may need to inject new ideas and create more interest and growth  around their small business and also help others who are just starting out. It can be a scary journey and decision to make, and this service can be just using Nicky as a sounding board / second opinion or to ask questions without being judged. 

Nicky has also grown a large following on her social media pages - specifically Instagram, and will be able to help you grow and generate more interest and a 'buzz' around your business.

Nicky can help you by having a simple phone conversation or contact via emails, meeting in person and then offering continuous mentoring support/guidance or being able to provide inputs at workshops / presentations.

Fancy Collaborating?

With over 50k followers through Instagram and other social media platforms, Nicky has previously collaborated with Robert’s Radio, Garden Trading, Hypnos Beds, Topps Tiles, Bristan, Cabbage & Roses to name a few. If you feel this is something you wish to approach Nicky about, please feel free to get in touch and request her media pack via: